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Ahora podrás ver Ver Django desencadenado | Django Unchained Online en HD
Del director Quentin tarantino

Ahora podrás ver Ver Django desencadenado Online Dei director q Dos años antes de estallar la Guerra Civil Americana (1861-1865), King Schultz (Christophe Waltz), un cazarrecompensas alemán que le sigue la pista a unos asesinos, le promete al esclavo de color Django (Jamie Foxx) dejarlo en libertad si le ayuda a atraparlos. Terminado con éxito el trabajo, Django prefiere seguir al lado del alemán y ayudarle a capturar a los delincuentes más buscados del Sur. Se convierte así en un experto cazador de recompensas, pero su único objetivo es rescatar a su esposa Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), a la que perdió por culpa del tráfico de esclavos. La búsqueda llevará a Django y a Schultz hasta Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), el malvado propietario de la plantación “Candyland”.

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Former dentist, Dr. King Schultz, buys the freedom of a slave, Django, and trains him with the intent to make him his deputy bounty hunter. Instead, he is led to the site of Django’s wife who is under the hands of Calvin Candie, a ruthless plantation owner.


My biggest concern going into Quentin Tarantino’s reinvention of/valentine to the cult icon spaghetti western character was if he would retain the indelibly catchy (and, some would say, kind of corny) Luis Bacalov-composed title tune from the original 1966 Franco Nero starrer. In retrospect, knowing what a purist–and, let’s be honest, connoisseur of kitsch–the writer-director-film geek famously is, I needn’t have worried at all, for the first sounds heard in the new film following the retro Columbia Pictures logo, is, indeed, Roberto Fia earnestly crooning the ballad of love and loss for our titular hero. The film proper begins with the title action, as slave Django (Jamie Foxx) is literally unchained by German-born bounty hunter King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), who needs his help in nabbing his latest quarry. But figuratively speaking, Django–and, by extension, Foxx–remains more or less restrained for the next two-thirds of the rather massive 165-minute run time, as Django becomes Schultz’s protege/sidekick in bounty hunting, with Waltz having a ball dispensing the ever-sharp, ever-listenable QT-speak with the same flair that won him an Oscar a couple of years ago. As in all Tarantino films, all the talk is never boring, and is not only one of the film’s strongest elements but perhaps its biggest draw.
But the ostensible lead character and his quest to find and free his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) thus oddly come off as a bit of a side concern, with not only Django getting the least to do, much less say, of the central buddy pair, but also various other “supporting” players emerging along the way and getting more than their fair share of snappy spotlight speeches and bouncy banter to wrap their tongues around–namely, Leonardo DiCaprio as Broomhilda’s owner and Samuel L. Jackson as his lead slave. It goes without saying that these two have just as much fun–and are just as much fun to listen to–as Waltz, and it’s a testament to Foxx and Washington’s talent, presence, and proven rapport that they keep the central emotional hook strongly present as their underwritten roles are continually pushed to the sidelines by Tarantino’s overwriting for others. So when, with about a half-hour to go, Django finally is fully unchained in every sense–both as the badass gunslinger and in getting to indulge in the QT gift of gab–it is at once viscerally satisfying (the exciting, blood-drenched the final act shootouts compensate for the rather sporadic action in the first two hours) and all the more frustrating, for Foxx is just as convincing as Waltz, DiCaprio, and Jackson while working the witty wordplay and makes a rousing, rootable action star, making one wish Tarantino had given him far more to do for most of the run time. (Washington’s prodigious gifts, on the other hand, remain sadly underutilized.) But while the film then never quite lives up to its potential, it does overall entertain and deliver the memorable performances and dialogue one expects from a Tarantino picture…By themoviereport.

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